Write a photography blog

However, to make a success of this blog, I must take the time to sift through the innumerable excuses, find and patch the loopholes and come up with a workable action plan. Managing one blog is a time-consuming and tasking job, much less multiple blogs.

Write a photography blog

write a photography blog

Blogging for Photographer Although many photographers have a blog, only a small fraction of photographers actually use their blog in a beneficial way. The fear of not knowing how to produce content often leads to the photographer simply avoiding it altogether.

There are countless benefits to blogging, especially when it comes to blogging for photographers, since our visual medium is perfectly suited for such a display. This article is geared to photographers with the hope that it can teach you how to put together a variety of blog posts with the goal to get each and every one of you blogging on a regular basis!

Before opening up WordPress and starting your first entry, I recommend making a blogging plan!

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Having a plan for your blog will help you stay focused and help inspire you regarding subjects of future articles. When determining your blogging plan you need to think of: How many times a week you will be blogging What categories of subjects you will be blogging about For example, I try to blog at least 2 times per week.

The categories I blog about include: Now that I know my categories I can help focus on potential subjects for those categories. Since not all photographers write advice articles for brides or photographers I will be focusing this article on how to write a blog post for your recent sessions. Familiarize yourself with the concept of SEO and keep a few of these things in mind when writing your article: Choose 1 main keyword to focus on.

write a photography blog

So now that you have a plan and an idea of what SEO is, how do you put words onto paper? What do yo write about?

How to Write A Blog for Your Photography Website

The answer is simple: There are 2 ways to write a story for your blog post: Share details about the emotions you observed good ones, of course!Earlier this month, I gave you my TOP 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE and promised an additional post on how to write an awesome bio page for your website.

Here are some tips for writing your bio I’ve garnered over the years from my good friend and communications guru Lucinda Kay of Let It Shine Media (if you feel you need some communications coaching, you should call her.

Would you like to write about photography? We are currently looking for people who can contribute blog posts so we would love to hear from you. We are looking for photography tips and tutorials, articles about Photoshop and post processing, photographic theory and camera equipment reviews.

Once upon a time You have many format options to write your bio.

Everything you need.

However, the most recommended, based on today’s Internet standards, is the story told in the “I” form. I put up blog posts per week, and as the author says, basically every shoot I do I put up a blog post about it putting in very specific location and content of the shoot in the title of the blog post, so if someone searches for headshot in St.

Petersburg, or family portraits on Treasure Island, I will come up. Although many photographers have a blog, only a small fraction of photographers actually use their blog in a beneficial way. When asking other photographers why they don’t blog the most common reply is that they don’t know how to write a blog post.

How to Write an Awesome Bio Page for Your Photography Website. By Tanya I often see lists of things photographers forbid during a session or rants on their blogs or other negative communications all over the place on their website. but I was more or less ordered to write a bio for my photography pages.

I had no clue where or how to.

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