Teaching english in kindergarten education essay

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Teaching english in kindergarten education essay

Teaching english in kindergarten education essay

Learning English as a foreign language in preschool has become an increasing trend in many different countries across the world. Kindergartens all over the world offer the opportunity of second language learning, usually of the English language. Of course, the content, preschool lesson themes, and ways of transferring knowledge based on fun ESL activities are adapted to kindergarten age and social environment.

Methods, techniques, and tools are numerous; international kindergartens normally use language immersion as the main teaching method, and most national state and private kindergartens offer the possibility of second language learning using different foreign language teaching methods such as the series method —it depends on the country.

Second language learning in kindergarten Second Language Learning in Kindergarten Some people are not sure whether it is right for their children to start learning a foreign language at such an early ageand some believe that we are imposing too much on them by asking them to do so, but this is really wrong.

It is already scientifically proven that children at this age actually have a strong potential to acquire almost an infinite number of new information, especially when second language learning is concerned.

Second Language Learning—When to Start? Most teachers who begin teaching English as a foreign language in kindergarten think how easy it is going to be to teach this age group. Soon they discover that the task is not easy at all. Early language learners have to be interested, constantly animated and involved in a variety of fun ESL activities and exercises for kids.

In some kindergartens where non-native speakers learn English, children are usually divided into two groups: Teaching ESL in kindergarten to 3- and 4-year-olds is restricted to action-based activities, playing games, singing and dancing; with 5- and 6-year-olds the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language is extended by using storytelling, role play, and dramatization techniques.

Play and interactive preschool lesson themes and fun ESL activities are the basic tool for second language learning, and grammar and vocabulary development in both groups. Use drawings and colouring page sheets to introduce new words in English language to preschool second language learners Teaching Materials Used for Preschool ESL Activities There is a great number of pre-school teaching materials for teachers to use and apply on preschool ESL activities.

Children like to see all different kinds of visuals: The best is to combine hand-made materials with factory manufactured materials. Children like to be engaged in practical, fun activities and exercises for kids, and participate in making things like Christmas postcards or paper airplanes, ships, etc.

ESL Activities and Teaching Methods Still, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time for the little ones to make things, therefore, the method of practical works is more appropriate for seasonal, festivity and birthday themes. As a parent or teacher, you will notice that children tend to conversate and make funny jokes in their mother tongue while making things, so be careful not to waste time forgetting that you are in the middle of an English class.

Methods of drawing and conversation are very effective; you teach new vocabulary by showing pictures, flashcards or other visuals, by talking about given topics try to use English as much as possible and the children are learning by listening, looking at pictures, drawing, colouring and eventually talking.

Free colouring pages and worksheets with numbers or alphabet letters, connecting dots, animals, seasons, etc. TPR is one of the most important teaching approaches which can be adapted to a various number of teaching situations, and children really have fun doing it.

It helps to practise vocabulary connected with actions, tenses, imperatives and instructions, classroom language and even storytelling. It can be combined with the techniques of singing and dancing; English songs and nursery rhymes for pre-schoolers should be included in almost every theme.

ESL activities in Kindergarten Many parents and teachers wonder what preschool lesson themes and English activities for kids would be most interesting to children learning English as a second language.

The topics are pretty simple and universal in the early language learning syllabus; small kids will stay interested as long as you succeed in making ESL activities funny and understandable. You should start your ESL lesson with English games for kids through which you can repeat previously learned vocabulary.

Ask children to sit on the floor in the middle of the classroom and ask them to cover their eyes with their hands and warn them not to peek! Take an item, such as a plastic apple or pencil or anything elseand hide it somewhere in the classroom. If you hid a red pencil, tell your early language learners to search for a red pencil in the target language.

Repeat the activity a few times using different objects. You can practise saying hello and goodbye by knocking on wood and saying: Is there anybody home? Always explain why you are playing the game and introduce game rules. Be careful that your intonation is musical because the words are then easier to remember!

Use hundreds of drawings to teach your preschoolers basic English vocabulary Colours Teach your early language learners 11 different colours: To teach colours you can use flashcards or simply different objects with different colours.

Teaching english in kindergarten education essay

Take coloured pencils and say the names of the colours. Then ask the children to repeat after you. Remember there is lot of repetition in teaching English to small children. Take out the pencils and ask the children to speak out the names of colours, or take any other object, or colour flashcards for this ESL activity.

Numbers Numbers 1 — Use flashcards, write down the numbers on the board or find games with numbers on the Internet.Education is commonly divided formally into such stages as preschool or kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then University education includes teaching, research, and social services Parents can choose private schools because of perceptions of better-quality teaching and facilities, and an English language instruction.

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A Teachers View On Teaching Kindergarten English Language Essay.

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Some teachers said it is not an easy job teaching kindergarten students. Two teachers interviewed say teaching kindergarten is a difficult job.

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Teaching English in kindergarten is possible to fail because of: Lack of teaching training in kindergarten.

Topic essay about education kindergarten

Lack of methods and resources to teach in kindergarten. Chapter II. BACKGROUND. Teaching English in kindergarten must be as motivating as possible.

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Topic essay about education kindergarten