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As I explained, some dangerous times are coming, and we truly need to pull together—in this country, and also across the world—and help each other in order to face them. The fact that, in the United States at least, we are currently not doing a good job at all of pulling together and one reason why, plus a bit of history to put our current times within a larger context, is the subject of this installment.

I am 66 Saga holidays old. There has only been one other period during my life when I have seen this country as divided as it is now. The troubles of that period grew mostly out of two ongoing events: Although the Civil Rights Movement, in which black Americans began protesting their unequal treatment under the law and Saga holidays practice in the United States, began in the late s, it gained momentum and public attention during the s as protests grew more frequent and larger, and—particularly in the south—opposition to the movement by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists became violent, including by murders of civil rights protestors and bombings of black churches.

The violence against blacks led to the creation of the Black Power Movement, which espoused a more aggressive approach than the peaceful Civil Rights Movement, and ultimately led to the rise of armed groups such as the Black Panther Party, who sought to prevent mistreatment of blacks, particularly by the police, through their own threats of armed retaliatory Saga holidays.

The most prominent leader of the nonviolent Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, was assassinated by a white supremacist in In reaction to the assassination, large scale violent race riots broke out in over U.

Shocked by the extent of the violence, President Johnson and the U. Congress quickly passed the landmark Civil Rights Act ofwhich added to protections of the earlier Civil Rights Act of The Vietnam War also had its origins during the s, but the major involvement of U.

However, as the level of U. A turning point occurred inwhen the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong launched the bloody Tet Offensive, aimed at overthrowing the South Vietnamese government.

Although the offensive ultimately was defeated, U. Widespread protests against the war became more and more common, and at times violent.

Saga holidays

A low point occurred at peaceful student protest in at Kent State University in Ohio, during which responding National Guard troops, frightened by the protestors, shot and killed four unarmed students. Opposition to the war gave rise to a wave domestic terrorism in the U.

Capitol in and the Pentagon into protest the war. A similar, but much more violent, wave of domestic terrorism involving murders, bank robberies, kidnappings, and bombings also swept across Italy and Germany during the s, after the formation in of the left-wing terrorist groups the Red Brigades in Italy and the Baader-Meinhof Gang in Germany.

A major turning of the tide of public opinion against the war occurred inwhen a secret Department of Defense history of the Vietnam War was leaked to the New York Times, which began publishing it. The history, which came to be known as the Pentagon Papers, laid out in detail the extent to which the government had been lying to the American people, and even to Congress, about its conduct of the war.

The Nixon administration quickly obtained a court order blocking the Times from releasing any more of the Pentagon Papers after their initial articles. In response, the Washington Post then began printing summaries of them. Shortly thereafter, the U. To culminate the tumultuous period, in the Watergate Scandal broke, exposing corruption and illegal acts by the Nixon administration, and President Nixon resigned as president to avoid being impeached.

Why, I suspect some may by now be asking, am I telling you this? Why is any of this past history relevant to today? But second, there is a troubling difference between that period of our history and today, and it is one we all need to be very aware of and concerned about.

Back during the s and 70s, everyone in the United States was, for the most part, operating off of the same set of facts. Many people were still polarized to a very strong degree back then because of differing beliefs, of course, including the white supremacists versus the blacks and their supporters who were fighting for civil rights, and supporters of the Vietnam War versus protestors against it.

Back then, we all got our knowledge of the facts from the same news sources: This is no longer true today. There are at least two major and widely divergent versions of the facts, of what constitutes reality itself in this country, at play. I am trying to write this post in as nonpolitical tone as possible, although it is to some extent a politically charged topic.

My hope is not to provoke anger or hostility, it is to hopefully stimulate thought and concern. The people of this country cannot learn to pull together again as a nation if the different factions that currently exist cannot even agree on what reality is.

The truth is the truth. There is a reason that long-established newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times have repeatedly won journalism awards such as the Pulitzer Prize.

And there is a reason the Fox News network does not win major journalism awards: The major news outlets are often accused by conservatives of having a liberal slant to their news presentations. I read a very interesting article about a recent study conducted of several major news sources to test that accusation.

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