Ap english compare contrast essay

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Ap english compare contrast essay

The Bedford Reader, 10th ed. Lockwood purchases in advance. If students are unable to afford the cost of the books, they may speak to her and accommodations will be made. These books will belong to the students so they may mark them up, as they wish. Regular Requirements Each student is expected to complete assignments outside of class showing that you are reading, writing, and expanding your vocabulary.

These regular homework assignments are described below. Materials highlighted in blue are links; click on the blue words to go to that document or form. One of the primary attributes of successful people is a large vocabulary.

When you know a broad range of words, you can express yourself more clearly, understand what you read, and think more clearly. I want all students to expand their vocabulary by adding words they do not know.

The best way to do this is for you to select words you want to add to your vocabulary and then learn how to use them properly. Each week usually due Thursdayyou will select 10 good words -- words you want to learn -- to add to your personal dictionary.

These words may come from a variety of sources: You will add those 10 words, their definition and part of speech, the source where you found them, and the sentence from that source in your dictionary each week. Then, on Thursdays, we will work with those words by taking some time of "vocabulary quiz.

Directions for personal dictionary. You will be expected to read two-three books each semester as independent reading books. The first of these will be chosen from books written prior to ; another will be a non-fiction book which you will use in your researched-argument document, and two others will be chosen from lists that relate to the literature we read in class.

When you finish reading the books, you will be assigned some kind of project: In this course, you will write regularly in a journal. Many days per weekthere will be a journal prompt on the board and you will be given about 10minutes to write in class.

Many entries enable the students to explore writing concepts. Entries should show thought and incorporate the analysis skills we learn in class.

All Venice High School juniors read core literature pieces that represent the broad spectrum of American Literature, so we will incorporate mostly American literature in this course. However, AP Language emphasizes the analysis of rhetoric in non-fiction, so we will read many works that are not read in 11th grade English courses at Venice High.

I expect you to complete reading assignments and come to school ready to discuss the material. Yes, we will write in this class, and I hope you find it is an opportunity to explore your thoughts, to enjoy using words creatively, and to practice your analytical skills.

Your journal is an important element of this requirement.

Ap english compare contrast essay

Other writing assignments will include: Generally, you will use the writing process for graded writing assignments, and you will revise and resubmit work. Graded writing assignments must be typed using MLA format.

Quizzes include reading quizzes to check whether you have read the assigned material, vocabulary quizzes see vocabulary aboveand grammar quizzes to assess whether you can apply what you have learned in our grammar study.

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Organizing a Compare & Contrast Essay; Comparing Apples & Oranges - How to questions, you are still responsible for answering the questions.

Ap english compare and contrast essay

Please alert Ms. Lockwood if exercise guides are incomplete. In concert with the College Board’s AP English Course description, this course teaches “students to read primary and secondary.

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